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Files & Filing Supplies

Office organization is important to the internal workings of every office no matter what the business may be. One of the most important kinds of office supply to aid in the organization of any office is filing supplies. Here at, we offer a wide range of filing supplies just for you. Below are some of the items that are on hand and ready to ship:

Card Filing
Card Filing - Card Files, Business Card Files & Holders
File Guides
File Guides - End Tab, Top Tab
File Jackets
File Jackets - Colored, Library Card Pocket, Manila, Slash-Cut, Transparent
File Pockets
File Pockets - End Tab, Expanding, Top Tab
Office Files
Office Files - Art & Drafting, Expanding, Fireproof, Magnetic Pocket, Mobile
Literature / Magazine Files
Literature / Magazine Files - Counter, Floor Stand, Literature Centers, Magazine Covers
Literature Sorters
Literature Sorters - Desk Files, Indexed
Index Cards
Index Cards - Card Guides, File & Index
Catalog Racks
Catalog Racks - Files & Filing Supplies
File Fasteners
File Fasteners - 2-Piece, Fasteners / Washers, Self-Adhesive
File Folders
Smead Folder, Smead Classification Folders, Smead Pressboard Folders

  • Card Filing – In this category, you can find items related to organizing the cards you acquire while networking and communicating in a business setting. We have address card and business card files which come in different designs and sizes. The index card files we have range in design from a simple box design to steel card cabinet styles.
  • Catalog Racks – Keeping books, magazines, and folders organized can be done easily with the quality catalog racks sold on our website.
  • File Fasteners – The file fasteners available on our website are divided into three sub categories: 2-piece, self-adhesive, and fasteners/washers. Under the fasteners/washers sub category, there are items like Avery Hole Reinforcements, brass prong paper fasteners and twin prong fasteners.
  • File Folders – The file folder section of our website is divided into many sub categories: Card Size, Classification, Colored, Conversion, End Tab, Fastener, Guide Height, Hanging Folder Frames, Interior, Kraft, Manila, Mortgage, Plastic, Pressboard, and more.
  • File Guides – File guides are divided into two sub categories: end tab and top tab.
  • File Jackets – File jackets are also divided into sub categories: colored, manila, transparent, library card pocket and slash-cut. The slash-cut sub category has different items like untabbed double pocket dividers, expanding jackets with slash pockets and three ring binders and pocket project folders.
  • File Pockets – There are three sub categories for file pockets: end tab, top tab and expanding.
  • Index Cards There are three sub categories in the index cards section: card guides, index, and file. Under file cards, there are different types like the petite refill cards and laser inkjet rotary cards.
  • Literature/Magazine Files – There are six sub categories in literature/magazine files: counter, floor stand, literature centers, magazine covers/holders, personal and wall/partition. Under literature centers, there are items like the image sign holder, wall mount brackets and adjustable magazine pamphlet literature display. On the other hand, there are items like plastic magazine file, outside literature box and magazine racks in different designs under the personal sub category.
  • Literature Sorters – Literature sorters are divided into two sub categories: desk files and indexed. Under desk files, there are expandable indexed desk file, mesh butterfly file folder sorter and tray sorter combo. Under the indexed sub category, there are plastic, heavy duty, and general purpose indexed sorters.
  • Office Files – The Office files category of our website has products which are divided into an additional 12 sub categories: art & drafting, fireproof, mobile, personal, portable, storage systems, expanding, magnetic pocket, organizers, pocket stands, storage and wall/partition pocket.

To make our already low prices even more appealing, we offer quality discounts and quick shipping. Order now at to supply your office with materials that are affordable and high quality!