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Mailroom & Packing Materials

Mailrooms are often fast-paced, and demand attention to detail. There are a variety of items moving in and out of mailrooms, some coming in with misinformation, or a lack of information altogether, and some going out, potentially, with incorrect or too little information. Shipping items is more than simply having a roll of plastic bubble wrap, and a stack of cardboard shipping boxes. For this reason mailrooms demand being properly equipped, and properly stocked to meet the daily challenges assorted with shipping, and receiving mail. The right equipment can prevent issues, and ensure an error free mailroom, capable of keeping pace with an organization's needs. GoToForms provides the office supplies, and packing materials that mailrooms need to get the job done, avoid hiccups, and increase efficiency.

Mail Bags
Mail Bags - Mailroom Bags, Transit Sacks
Mail Sorters
Mail Sorters - Mailroom Compartment Units, Sorting Stations
Moisteners & Stamp Affixers
Moisteners & Stamp Affixers - Mailroom & Packing Materials
Packaging Tapes & Dispensers
Packaging Tapes & Dispensers - Mailroom & Packing Materials
Stretch Film
Stretch Film - Mailroom & Packing Materials
Wrapping Materials
Wrapping Materials - Mailroom Corrugated Wrap, Cushioning Material, Paper Rolls
Boxes, Tubes & Bags
Boxes, Tubes & Bags - Mailroom Boxes / Cartons, Mailing Tubes
Carts & Totes
Carts & Totes - Mail Carts
Office Equipment
Office Equipment - Collators, Postal Meter Ink Cartridges, Postal Scales
Letter Openers
Letter Openers - Electric / Battery Operated, Hand

Probably the most major concern when stocking a mailroom is to have enough packing materials on hand to get mail packed, and prepared to ship, in a minimal amount of time. GoToForms, has a wide selection of packing materials for this purpose. Whether its cardboard shipping boxes, bags, plastic bubble wrap, or plastic bags, GoToForms has the packing supplies needed to keep an efficient mailroom well-stocked with the materials needed to keep the mail going out, at the pace an efficient office requires. GoToForms also has packing supplies such as: tape dispensers, mail scales, stamp and envelope moisteners, and wrapping materials.

There are a lot of different ways to ship mail, depending on exactly what is being shipped. For a lot of large documents cardboard mailing tubes make more sense than cardboard boxes. Most cardboard boxes are simple fixed depth boxes; however there are adjustable depth cardboard boxes for shipping to make it even easier. GoToForms also stocks cardboard storage boxes, for storing and filing mail, or shipping files from one office to another.

Stretchfilm and packing tape are also necessary for mailrooms. GoToForms offers tape, and stretch film in multiple sizes. Smaller mailrooms may not need a large dispenser for plastic stretchfilm. While plastic bubble wrap is very popular, GoToForms also offers other types of cushioning material. GoToForms offers paper rolls, and twine, and corrugated wrap.

Mailrooms also accept and often need to open mail. There are a variety of items required to efficiently sort and process incoming mail and packages. GoToForms provides customers with the equipment required to process mail efficiently. GoToForms has the mail sorters, letter openers, mail carts, totes, and mailbags for transporting large amounts of mail. These items are just as crucial to running an efficient mailroom, as are packing supplies.

GoToForms in many cases can offer quantity discounts on shipping items, as well as affordable options. Additionally, GoToForms can offer discounts on shipping mailroom items for quantity orders so that purchasing the shipping items a mailroom needs is, itself, an affordable and productive process.