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Printer Paper, Envelopes & Mailers

All offices need to produce, send, and store documents, and they can only perform these tasks well if they have the necessary supplies. Printer paper, envelopes, and mailers facilitate the production and delivery of documents, and they are constantly required in any office setting. There are many different types of printer paper, envelopes, and mailers available, and it is essential for people who are managing offices to choose supplies that suit their needs. Proper selection of printer paper, envelopes, and mailers does not only make production, storage, and delivery of documents more effective and efficient; it can also enhance the reputation of a company.

Cards / Card Stock
Cards / Card Stock - Business Cards, Cover Stock, Greeting Cards, Postcards
Office Paper
Office Paper - Inkjet, Wide Format, Laser, Copy, Multi-Use
Paper Rolls, Office Machine
Paper Rolls - ATM / Credit & Debit / Financial, Calculator / Adding Machine
Business Envelopes - Airmail, Booklet, Catalog, Clasp, Coin, Colored, Interoffice
Mailers - Bubble, Fiberboard, Media, Padded, Plastic, X-Ray
Notebooks - School, Memo Size, Steno, Teacher's, Wirebound, Wireless
Pads - Quadrille, Data, Easel / Flip Chart, Ruled, Scratch, Self-Stick Note

Businesses and organizations use printer paper for producing a wide range of documents, which include letters, reports, notices, contracts, presentation materials, brochures, graphics, photographs, business cards and others. Different types of printer paper have to be used to print different kinds of documents. For instance, those who want to print business cards have to use a thicker and more durable printer paper. When printing ordinary text documents, the best printer paper to use is simple white paper often referred to as copy paper. Printer paper comes in many different sizes, colors, thicknesses, and textures and users have to select the right kind to make their printing tasks more successful. Some of the types of printer paper that are commonly used in offices include bright white paper, card paper, and glossy paper. Envelopes and mailers are also available in different sizes and colors, and they can be made from different types of paper. High quality envelopes and mailers will provide extra protection for documents and items to help protect them from damage during shipping.

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