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Paper Rolls

Paper Rolls including Thermal Paper Rolls. Adding machine paper rolls, cash register paper rolls, credit card printer paper rolls, service station paper rolls, and engineering plotter paper rolls including wide format paper rolls - Plotter Paper

Discount Paper Rolls - Add / Cash / POS / Thermal
Paper Rolls - Add / Cash / POS - Paper Rolls-ATM/Thermal
Inkjet, Wide / Mid Format Printer Rolls
Inkjet, Wide / Mid Format - Office Paper
Discount Wide Format Inkjet Media Rolls
Wide Format Paper Rolls, Wide Format Ink Jet Paper Rolls. We offer Thermal Paper Rolls ATM / Thermal
Banner & Sign Rolls
Banner / Sign - Office Paper
Cash Register Rolls
Cash Register - Paper Rolls, Office Machine
Fax Machine Rolls
Fax Machine - Paper Rolls, Office Machine
Discount Wide Format Rolls - Plotter Paper
Plotter Paper - Wide Format Plotter Paper Rolls

Paper Roll Specifics

Specific Uses of Paper Rolls - Thermal paper rolls for transfer printer.
Thermal paper is a specific type of paper that has been coated with chemical substances which change color under the influence of heat. Thermal paper is generally used in printers, adding machines, cash registers, and credit card terminals.

Most thermal paper turns black but there are also coatings which turn blue or red for specific demands. Thermal paper is generally protected by a surface coating such as Bisphenol, which reduces fading when exposed to light and which also helps to distribute applied heat evenly.

Thermal paper roll advances

Advances in the manufacturing of Thermal paper include new fiber thread paper which eliminates the need for protective coatings. offers a variety of Thermal Paper Rolls.

Whatever type of paper roll you need, whether carbonless paper rolls, thermal or other regarding adding machine paper rolls, calculator paper rolls, machine paper rolls, cash register paper rolls, credit card printer paper rolls or engineering paper rolls, offers high quality paper rolls at discount prices.

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